the remote & wildlife of alaska

at the 16th of may.. me and my partner made it all the way to alaska to take in what ever the wilderness can offer from the glaciers, sea life, wildfires, mosquitoes and finally to observe the grizzly bears at denali.
along the way after having travelled to the most northern shores accessible via road, we visited the magic bus 142 best known from into the wild.

23rd october of 2013

across canada & dog-sledding

at the 29th of may in 2012 i travelled the first time not alone any more and started a new journey with different experiences to learn. i went across canada with my partner to meet old friends, to observe the wildlife, to enjoy the outdoors of course and to nail the canadian winter.

23rd october of 2013

solo moves

solo, injured & outdoors the first written expression about a few special outdoor experiences, which includes two short insight. it doesn't give every detail of the incidents, just a plain description to illustrate the philosophy that drives me. it is published under a chapter in moves of soul moves.

24th of november 2011

soul moves

soul moves
..chapter did not take much form on since i had the idea to start to express the impulse that drives my desire to keep moving, .. but i will try to manifest more pieces here in time..

24th of november 2011

himalayas of india

finally i have been able to go trekking in the himalayas, not nepal but at least in india. i stretched my endurance in many ways for 5 month and was most satisfied in my first trek at nanda devi east for two weeks and with the six week solo challenge throughout ladakh.

18th november of 2011

australian alpine bushwalk

at the 25th of september..
..i did disappear into the australian alpine bushwalk through the snowy mountains for a bit more than 7 weeks. from wallhalla VIC to tharwa NSW for roughly 660km with only 2 chances to stop or to stock up my supplies. it was another line between the challange of nature and the photography.

19th of november 2010

breath in

when the backpack becomes your home, if the world becomes your life.
i did a motion video and published it in moves in soul moves.

2nd of may 2010


without mastering japanese and the motivation to present color of mind in the language of my japanese friends, i hope that beside this miserable try i can raise a smile.

(if someone feels encouraged to proof-read - it would raise a thankfull smile on my face)

1st february 2010

little tour through parts of europe

the desire for mountains and the opportunity to visit friends i met overseas..

a 6 week trip with 4 peeks above clouds.. being in the european alps solo, on the summit of gr. glockner, similaun, gran paradiso & mont blanc.. otherwise on asphalt with prague, aosta and turin in between.. in the end 5kg of weight lost.. again with an effort to gain them.
the ankle held the stresses and strains.

7th of oktober 2009

drifted by the events

again things are happening and i get drifted by the events. two month ago, an accident in one of my hikes in a mountain in japan. i broke my ankle, which with i had to walk out by myself for two days. an operation on it in kyoto was necessary, which will take a bit of a time too, before i can continue - two screws in a bone as a gift is the result of it. my visa expired also, that i had to leave japan and went back to germany after one year.. with no option to continue traveling with this ankle. i think of it as a real good experience to have and i make new plans for the next destination to continue after my recovery.

except of few images i uploaded the last photographs of japan

4th of june 2009

after more than two years

color of mind just got a makeover, after such a time in silence. shortly before the new journey to japan and through the other parts of asia begins.

be invited to explore these expressions

19th of april 2008