declare love

i am drifting therefore, touched and leaded by the events, which showing face. their origin creating a question without an answer.

what is it to be i - the more the self likes to manifest itself, so it is falling apart in its negation.
the thought of creating and naming every being, to eliminate all borders to reach the ultimate freedom - is an endless process caught in its own idea.

the realization of an emotion, which from the prior thought arose, wants to be called live or sense, wants to be born as well to die.. - want change itself in conflict to persist.

what is it to be i - if a framework of a futility in all can be devised .. a ability to realize the abstract, the drive for art. in it the illusion for the search for a truth decays.

art is to be i, in which the truth is your own language. but the i can not arise out of itself, so it gets born from the not i without a self.

your i arises out of me - through art, so i can become i. unbreakable the resulting relation!

japan 2009

soul moves

soul moves

soul moves was an idea to express the impulse that drives my desire to keep moving, by means of rejecting the common belief of a certain aim in life to seek an illusionary security by joining the present societies competitions instead of seeking first the true core of your self, to follow the resulting true desire to create the individual sense of life to contribute to it.