at the age of twenty-five i just went on my own to new zealand without knowing for how long.

july of 2005

new zealand

after one year

..through the scenery of this beautiful country of two islands and over 2000km on foot, i continued my travel in australia and got some different experiences for another year, half of it on a motorbike.

july of 2006


after two years

i decided to go back to germany for a little break to see my family & friends.

may of 2007



in may a new journey began in japan to enjoy the passion of taking adventures.

may of 2008


driven by events

again things are happend and i got driven by events. in april 2009, an accident in one of my hikes in a mountain in japan. i broke my ankle, which with i had to walk out by myself for two days. an operation on it in kyoto was necessary, which forced to take a bit of a time, before i can continue - two screws in a bone as a gift was the result of it. my visa expired also, that i had to leave japan and went back to germany after one year.. with no option to continue traveling with this ankle. i think of it as a real good experience to have and i make new plans for the next destination to continue after my recovery.

may of 2009


little tour through parts of europe

after the first recovery from the injury, i got in japan, my desire for mountains and to know how i am able to continue my outdoor adventures, pushed me to go solo for some summits of the european alps.

september of 2009


the snow & the bush

not knowing where i would get blown to, i finally picked up snowboarding again and took my boots for a ~650km hike in spring. a short hike with a stress-fracture & a brace was another experience in the heat of the summer in the blue mountains thereafter.

may of 2010


himalayas of india

finally i have been able to go trekking in the himalayas, not nepal but at least in india. i stretched my endurance in many ways for 5 month and was most satisfied in my first trek at nanda devi east for two weeks and with the six week solo challenge throughout ladakh.

may of 2011


across canada & dog-sledding

came for the trekking & snowboarding, but got the true canadian experience as a musher & guide.

may of 2012


the remote & wildlife of alaska

a short trip after canada for only three month, filled with glacier's ,wildlife, the smoke & the experience of the plague of the north.

may of 2013